Fostering the Wisdom of Crowds

iCQA is a free open source platform that provides the tools for maintaining and analysis of collaborative Q&A services. It contains a full-fledged Q&A engine and implementation of state-of-the-art methods and algorithms for mining the data generated by a typical Q&A site. We are striving to develop a powerful product that could meet the needs of anyone who desires to build an efficient and encouraging community.

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Answerer recommendation

iCQA supports the "Who to ask" feature. Relying on the information about user activities, related questions and answers, the subtle algorithm behind the feature accurately seeks and ranks the users who could answer the question.

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Related questions

That's a way how users can access the requested information faster in iCQA. Per each question, the feature enables users to see other questions ranked by their relatedness, freshness and overall quality.

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Discovering authorities

iCQA is able to automatically detect the influential users within a particular category in the community. This information could be incorporated into calculating user ratings or be helpful during question routing.

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Predicting user satisfaction

iCQA can elicit and rank hard-to-answer questions in the database. In general, this indicates with high probability that the question's author should be attentive and possibly rephrase such a question more thoroughly to get it answered.

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Import of StackExchange data

With iCQA, anyone could easily import the data snapshots published by Stack Exchange. This may enable researchers in the field to quickly start doing studies leaving all the issues about data preprocessing behind.